November 15, 2017

[Link] Cornelia Sorabji

A light read by me about the person who became India's first woman lawyer over at

Cornelia Sorabji is, of course, best-known as India’s first woman lawyer, after having been the first woman graduate of Bombay University and the first woman to study law at Oxford University. It is easy to co-opt her into the role of a committed feminist who changed women’s lives but to do so would likely be to essentialise her life, flatten the many layers of her personality, and possibly to impose on her philosophies which she would not immediately have claimed as her own.

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(This post is by Nandita Saikia and was first published at IN Content Law.)

October 22, 2017

[Links] The Judicial Understanding of Consent

What I understood of the Court's discussion of consent in its acquittal of Mahmood Farooqui for rape made me very uncomfortable.

I've talked about why that was the case in two pieces, links to which I've shared here: